Healthcare cybersecurity

Infrastructure Monitoring
Medical Devices Security
Patient Data Protection

Medical Infrastructure Security Project

Connected Health

Protect personal and medical data processed by cloud and on-premise connected medical systems. Monitor the network infrastructure to immediately detect insecurely exposed network services and act to protect the patient data.

Smart medicine

Perform security assessment of the embedded smart medical devices: personal heart rate monitors, insulin pumps, blood pressure meters, hearing aids. Analyze and patch clinical ECG, MRI, sonology, medical ventilation devices.

Intrusion Prevention

Deploy a specialized IDS/IPS system configured to detect and prevent attacks involving medical devices and data protocols. Prevent the transfer of unencrypted medical data through the unsecured network.

Application Protection

Assess and raise the security level of personal and clinical medical desktop, web and mobile applications, protect the data processed by them, prevent unauthorized access to the management interfaces.

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